Parish Community Website

Website description:

Holy Redeemer Parish website was a custom made, self-contained, fast-loading and mobile-friendly website where the visitor's privacy is not sacrificed by using a third-party website tracking/analytics software.

A large local parish community used the website for access to weekly bulletins, homilies, parish groups documentation and announcements as well as web-based email. During the last few years the website went through 3 major re-makes and improvements as well as numerous new content additions and updates. The latest re-design was to implement the responsive web design principles.

This website was an example of a judicious use of popular and robust open source technologies to develop a community-based website for a charitable organization. By coding from scratch with these technologies, the custom website code is smaller and more compact, the website is safer, its hosting costs are low and the website is ISP-portable. SynergicWebs provided web development, web design and webmaster services to this website on a voluntary basis from January, 01, 2009 to May,09, 2020.

Website features:

Technologies used: html/xhtml, css/css3, php, sql database client.

  • Responsive design - fluid css layouts with 3 major views
  • Static and dynamic content mix
  • Dynamic content generated from website database
  • Embedded Google Calendar for events management
  • Custom-made CMS

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