SynergicWebs - Ottawa Web Development and Custom Website Design

Custom-made, fast-loading, mobile-friendly and self-contained websites with website analytics and easy to use CMS.

SynergicWebs designs and develops safe and agile custom websites that display nicely on small and large screens. Your website comes with especially developed custom CMS so you can upload and edit your website content yourself. You can also manage who is allowed to visit your website or block unwanted agents from visiting your website.

Examples of our custom web development - click one of the icons above to see the website design details.

SynergicWebs is a custom web development and website design company located in Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario. Our mission is to design and develop valid, fully operational, fast loading and attractive custom websites. We also offer Ottawa-based webmaster services and other website design and development services on-demand. Our websites are crafted with the utmost attention to the web design quality and web development detail as well as code validity - resulting in high performing, more secure bespoke websites.

We design and develop effective and attractive websites by implementing best practices for quality web development and incorporating novel web design approaches such as responsive/adaptive web design for optimal viewing experience. With responsive web design your nimble website crafted by us will render correctly on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop without extra scrolling or panning.

In our website development projects we are following industry guidelines for speeding up the website code and for improving website visibility to web crawlers. The websites designed and developed by our company are organic-search-ready from their activation day and are fast to load. We also rigorously test and validate our markup code for each webpage to achieve and maintain high quality of our products.

At SynergicWebs we use quality, standard-based, open source web development technologies in our designs. This not only reduces our operational costs and enables us to offer competitive prices for our services, but also increases portability of our products on various ISP hosting platforms and reduces overall website maintenance and ownership costs.

If you have any questions regarding your website project or our services, please contact us