SynergicWebs - Ottawa Custom Website Services

SynergicWebs offers a wide range of custom web development, website design and consulting services to make us a one-stop shopping experience for all your website needs. Our specialty are bespoke effective and efficient Internet presence websites and the accompanying website consulting services. Below, please see the overview of services offered by SynergicWebs and contact us if you have any questions.

Responsive Web Design in Ottawa

Responsive/Adaptive Websites Your website is accessed from different devices with a wide range of screen sizes ( smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.) and it is crucial to ensure the optimal viewing experience for your website visitors. There are several ways to design your website for these different viewing platforms. One approach that is becomig increasigly popular is the so called "responsive web design". The adjective responsive in this context means that the website has an internal logic built on the specific set of standard web technologies for switching to different presentation views in response to your device browser viewport ( screen size). If you want to see the responsive web design in action - look no further than our own SynergicWebs responsive website. Access it on your mobile, tablet or desktop (or, just for testing on your desktop- simply resize your browser screen) and see how the website presentation view is smootly adjusted to the viewport size.

At SynergicWebs, located in Ottawa, Ontario, we can built your custom, fast loading website using the responsive web design approach to facilitate best viewing experience over the variety of viewing platforms while preserving your website branding and overall website look-and-feel.

General Web Consulting

Website Planning We will analyze marketing, advertising and web presence goals and requirements for your business and provide an independent advice on best web technologies for the planned website. We can also give an advice on ISP hosting plan features required for your website

Website Activation We will assist you in the process of registering a Domain Name System (DNS) name, transferring DNS names from one ISP to another, DNS forwarding/redirects, installation of website on the hosting ISP server, set up web-based email accounts, purchase SSL certificate, etc.. Since we not associated with any particular ISP and have practical experience in the ISP market, we can provide an unbiased opinion on your website hosting needs when your website is ready to be activated.

Custom Site Analysis and Optimization We'll examine your website environment to ensure that it provides best exposure of your business or organization goals for Search Engine Optimization purposes. We'll take care of submitting the website URL to the main search engines. We can also setup your website for the Google Analytics service or develop a self-contained custom scripts to extract the business intelligence locally.

Website Redesign

Website Makeover Do you own a website that was made a few years ago and it shows the signs of not-so-graceful ageing? You do like the overall look-and-feel of your old website and you would like to preserve it but there are some nasty rendering problems on some webpages, the website performance is not what is used to be and some of the website features stopped working at all?

Fix-my-website Your website is "almost" perfect except for some faulty css and/or html markup causing some fields or buttons look misplaced. You don't know what your website technical problem exactly is but you certainly want to get rid of it. Please contact us and let us fix your website problems.

We will troubleshoot, diagnose and validate your website functional code, markup and styling code for possible problems and, if feasible, will correct them. Let SynergicWebs makeover your website and restore its full functionality. Your website can be fresh and nimble again!

Custom Web Development

Custom Websites If you need a truly unique bespoke website and you have a vision how it should look like, we can make your vision come true! We will design and develop all the software artifacts for your unique website. These might include webserver php scripts, mysql database code, xhtml markup and css styling scripts, js/jquery client-side scripts, etc., depending on your website needs. You will be able to preview your new website on our live testing platform before activating it on your hosting ISP. We can also develop a customized admin interface for your website if you would like to manage your website yourself.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages You might have a specific requirement for your website to have a landing page or redesign the existing landing webpage. SynergicWebs can create highly flexible landing or splash webpages that might be needed in certain multilingual websites or for a particular business needs such as website expansion, A/B custom content testing, seasonal updates etc., .

Webmaster Services

Webmaster-for-Rent As a website owner, you know that a website is a living object and, if left by itself, will go into an oblivion sooner or later. Thus, either you yourself perform your website updates and maintenance, or you hire a dedicated webmaster to take care of your website. If neither of these solutions is appealing to you, our webmaster-for-rent service is a perfect solution. This service provides for an on-going maintenance (for example, periodic website backups) and content updates to active websites.

If you have any questions regarding your website project or our services, please contact us